Our magazine staff test sails and evaluates sailboats of all types, from the smallest daysailer to the biggest trailerable cruiser, including many boats long out of production.

From in-depth technical information to feedback from owner-sailors, you learn the boat's good points and bad. Can an adult sleep in those quarterberths? How dry does she ride in a blow? How does she sail to weather? Is she hiding any dangerous quirks? How is her light-air performance? Is her hull light enough to oilcan? Get the scoop from those who really know, and possibly save yourself from an expensive mistake.

From fearless adventurers to respected designers, we go one-on-one with important and legendary names in small boats, like Phil Bolger, Sven Yrvind, Jerry Montgomery, Larry Brown, Matt Layden, Stephen Ladd and others.

Do you really care about the crew who sailed their 50-foot yacht to Bermuda? Neither do we! We want to hear about the family who explored the sailing grounds near their home on a weekend voyage - the guys who struggled to complete the Everglades Challenge - and the guy who got pounded off the Oregon coast in his 18-footer.

We show you the way to the favorite places of other small-boat cruisers, from the San Juans to The Keys, and all the lakes, rivers and bays between

We show you how to make your boat perform to its potential, improve it, and maintain it and its related equipment.
Every issue features a new study of plans for the home builder as well as other articles with information about wooden designs.