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  Racing sharpie

 ID#: 222   Date posted: November 23, 2017;   Expire date: March 23, 2018;     154 visits
Type: Offered  
Title: Racing sharpie  
Advertiser Type: Private Party  
Company: --  
Length: 28  
Price: $7,800.00  
Country: United States  
City: Orlando FL  
Specific Location: --  
Description:  Westphal Racing Sharpie, 2010

Orlando, FL

28' length on deck,
1600 pound displacement,
6' beam,
12" draft board up,
5' draft board down,
working sail area ~300 square feet.
General Design:

Scintilla is a 28' New Haven Sharpie Cat Schooner similar to Reuel Parker's 100 bushel 1 man sharpie. It was professionally built by David Westphal in his yard in Key Largo. Scintilla is a multiple time winner of the Washington's Birthday Classic Yacht Regatta in Coconut Grove, FL and has been clocked at over 10 knots. Her unique lug schooner rig and tanbark sails make her stand out anywhere.
Check if Included: Trailer;  
Contact Name: Christian  
Contact Phone: 7863956738  

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