Adventure and Sailing Stories

Adventure and Sailing Stories


More Small Trimarans: A Continuing Look ay Production and Homebuilt Small Tris

More Small Trimarans: A Continuing Look ay Production and Homebuilt Small Tris

Another opportunity for you to sit down with the experts and get your questions answered about the fascinating small trimarans out there! This book picks up where Small Trimarans: An Introduction leaves off.

This book covers many newer (and some older models) not featured in the first book. In these exclusive interviews, some of the leading small trimaran designers in the world today (along with a couple representative agents) also share ...

* Unique and fascinating personal experiences

* Individual design philosophies (see where they agree, and sometime disagree)

* Useful construction tips (if you're seriously considering building your own)

* Vintage small tri history (from those who've seen the develpment of modern multihulls in the 20th century)

* Little sailing gems and pieces of information not gathered in any other "small tri" resource

A "behind-the-scenes" look at ...

1. The Tri-Star 18
Mum's Beauty: A 16-Month Sailing Adventure in Europe

Mum's Beauty: A 16-Month Sailing Adventure in Europe

The Sack family left their Northern California tree farm to explore the waterways of Europe by boat. This is the story of the challenges and successes of that journey. It contains thoughts on undertaking such a trip as well as general insights on life. Copies signed by author. Large-format 8.5 x 11, 134 pages.
Ocean Crossing Wayfarer, 2nd ed.

Ocean Crossing Wayfarer, 2nd ed.

To Iceland and Norway in a 16 ft. open boat. The open sea crossings by Frank Dye and crew rank as among the most hazardous sea adventures of modern times. Truly a high-raising and unforgettable narrative.
Project Cheers by Tom Follett, Dick Newick, and Jim Morris

Project Cheers by Tom Follett, Dick Newick, and Jim Morris

From the preface: This is the story of simple human endeavour...A new concept in boat design; a double crossing of the Atlantic—St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands to England; the Single-Handed Transatlantic Race to Newport, Rhode Island; thence the return journey to St. Croix—nine thousand miles in a total sailing time of 68 days at an average speed of 5.5 knots...."

From the PT Watercraft site: Cheers was designer Dick Newick’s first answer to the call of the OSTAR race. This east to west, upwind race that began in 1960 hosted and inspired huge leaps in innovation in offshore sailboat design.

In this race, which was won in 40 days in 1960, won in 18 days in 1980 (by a Newick designed trimaran) and was later sailed in much less time again, Cheers was merely a stepping stone in the evolutionary ladder, but she did much more than just a third place finish in 1968.

Cheers was as different a craft as had ever shown up at a starting line for a major race at that time. Besides being tiny in size and very lightweight, Cheers was a proa. Proa’s are an unusual and ancient sailing concept where the boat sails both directions and always keeps one side to the wind. This type of craft had not before been explored by modern sailors, yet she finished well in a race with many serious competitors, both monohull and multihull, many of them being much longer.

Cheers was an image of minimalism and creativity, but she carried her skipper, Tom Follett, round trip from St Croix, USVI to England, to Newport, RI, and back to St Croix; 9000 miles in 68 days sailing time, virtually trouble-free.

186 Pages. 2016 Edition.
Riddle of the Sands

Riddle of the Sands

Riddle of the Sands

Price: $16.00
Author: Erskine Childers
Publication Date: 1998
Pages: 328
The classic tale of nautical espionage and small boat skullduggery among the Friesian Islands before WWI. Widely regarded as the first modern spy novel and the best small boat cruising yarn ever penned. Maps.
Riding the Wild Ocean: Cirumnavigation of Cape Cod in an 18-Foot Sloop  by Paul S. Krantz, Jr.

Riding the Wild Ocean: Cirumnavigation of Cape Cod in an 18-Foot Sloop by Paul S. Krantz, Jr.

From the back cover: "Riding the Wild Ocean is a compilation of author Paul Krantz's wildest adventures over the yeas, which takes us from coastal New England to the Dry Tortugas, all in small boats under twenty-feet in length. Beyond the thrill of adventure, Riding the Wild Ocean is a how-to manual for the serious sailor contemplating trying his or her hand at such open-ocean adventuring in small boats, including how to select and equip a boat for all-weather, day and night sailing; and how to prepare one's self as well through gradual exposure t extreme conditions in controlled situations." 239 pages. Soft cover. Feature fantastic illustrations by Russ Kramer. Includes appendix with gear list, charts, and glossary Our copies SIGNED by the author (while supplies last)
Rowed Trip: From Scotland to Syria by Oar.  By Colin and Julie Angus

Rowed Trip: From Scotland to Syria by Oar. By Colin and Julie Angus

Joint winners of the National Geographic Adventurer of the Year Award, Colin and Julie Angus combine their strengths on a hazardous voyage that is a search for roots, a test of a relationship, and a seat-of-your-pants adventure that took them 7 months and 7200 kilometres.

This 368-page hardbound edition features a dust jacket and is SIGNED by both authors. Quantities limited.
Rusty Hooks & the Great Sailboat Race by Joshua Colvin and art by Dennis Brooks

Rusty Hooks & the Great Sailboat Race by Joshua Colvin and art by Dennis Brooks

Written by our very own Joshua Colvin, editor at Small Craft Advisor magazine. Come aboard for an around-the-world sailboat race that features a colorful cast of characters, including billionaire investor Chester Rockerfeller, actor Max Mogul, the impatient speedster Wanda Wetbottom, and the unlikely heroes, the ancient mariner Rusty Hooks and his dog Old Blue.

Perfect for ages 3-7. Hardbound, all color, 8 x 11 on 70-pound paper. Signed by the author.

From book:

"Oh and there’s one other competitor, someone I almost forgot.

But even if he started a month before the others,
experts say he’d still be a long shot.

He’s an ancient mariner whose name is Captain Rusty Hooks.
He sails a teeny, tiny, sloop, all weighted down with books."

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Sailing from Behind the Curve   by Dave Bacon

Sailing from Behind the Curve by Dave Bacon

"After spending decades sailing in the same area, I considered it a good idea, for personal reasons, to leave it all behind and take a cruise. Join me as we go back to 1981, and pass under the Golden Gate in a small Bear class sloop out into the unknown."

From the author of The Gentle Art of Pottering comes a new book about his adventures sailing alone with just the basics.

Paperback. 153 pages.
Sea-Boats, Oars and Sails  by Connor O'Brien

Sea-Boats, Oars and Sails by Connor O'Brien

With a Foreword by Sam Llewellyn

Most of what is written about boats is naturally based on the orthodox view, and the man who wants a boat neither for class racing nor as a harbour ornament, but to go to sea in, gets little guidance from it. This book of mine is frankly unorthodox, in that I hold nothing sacred and take nothing for granted.

So writes the (inter alia) intellectual, gun-runner, naval officer and circumnavigator Conor O’Brien, of his strongly opinionated yet vitally informative and practical book, published in 1941 and now re-published to meet ascendant interest in the sail-and-oar cruiser—particularly the small lugger. Bristling with ideas born mostly of hard-won experience, sometimes of pure conjecture, and studded with revelatory nuggets of sheer common sense concerning small boat construction, setup and handling, Sea-Boats, Oars and Sails merits its place on the bookshelf of every sail-and-oar practitioner or aspirant.

This new edition is enhanced with inspiring new photographs, and design drawings, of the small lugger design ILUR by François Vivier—a design which embodies perfectly, in modern timber construction and materials, the qualities of sea-keeping, usability and safety advanced by Conor O’Brien in this book.

The many full-page and double-page photos are of An Suire (The Sea-Nymph) built by Tim Cooke, and sailed by him in the waters of south-west Ireland which Conor O'Brien knew well.

The endearing thing about Conor O’Brien (a man, come to think of it, who might not have been pleased to be called endearing) is that he is just as much a victim of his sea dreams as anyone who is likely to shell out for this book.—Sam Llewellyn

216 x 156mm, 176pp, inc. 15 pages of drawings & 18 photographs. Softcover with sewn binding, cover flaps and matt lamination.
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Sea-Country: Exploring the Thames Estuary By-Ways Under Sail by Tony Smith

Sea-Country: Exploring the Thames Estuary By-Ways Under Sail by Tony Smith

The author's shallow-draft adventures continue in the famous Charles Stock boat called Shoal Waters.

Sea-Country is Tony Smith’s name for that sprawling and magical world on London’s doorstep where land and water alternate twice each day; a world of wonder accessible to those of a shoal-draft persuasion, prepared to take their time and respect the ways of nature. Tony is well-known to readers of his Creeksailor blog, and from a base in his beloved River Blackwater—which he knows intimately—he takes us to London in the west, Kent in the south, and Suffolk in the east to acquaint us with those shorelines and some of the people, occupations and curiosities to be found there. Leigh cocklers, the only lighthouse in London, abandoned forts, the Broomway, a Thames Bawley—these and more are all here. Tony’s trusty vessel in these journeys is the renowned 16ft gaffer Shoal Waters, made famous throughout 50 years of cruising by the late and redoubtable Charles Stock.

136 pages, 8 colour plates.
Shantyboat Journal by Harlan Hubbard

Shantyboat Journal by Harlan Hubbard

Harlan and Annna Hubbard, newly married in middle age, build the boat of their dreams and drift down the Ohio and Mississippi rivers. For seven years the Hubbards make their home on their little boat, drifting with the river, camping on the land.