BREEZE: A Story of Guts and Freedom

BREEZE: A Story of Guts and Freedom

BREEZE: A True Story of Guts and Freedom by Rusty. 533 pages with many photos. $29.95.

The writing is raw, the language salty, and the author admits he couldn’t afford an editor, saying, “I’ll just have to get by without one, like I do with most other unreasonable, ghastly professional services, particularly doctors and lawyers.”

The eccentric author is clearly contemptuous of any and all formality. He doesn’t even bother to offer up his last name—the byline reads simply: Rusty.

A few pages in, somewhere after the author’s treatise on breast milk, but before he goes on a tirade about cops and other “Sissies in uniforms,” you might well be ready to give up. But the book is so wild, and the writing so brutally honest, that it’s also hard to look away.

Breeze is ostensibly about Rusty’s circumnavigation aboard Trekka II (built by John Guzzwell Jr.), and there are some hair-raising sailing stories within, but the sailing bits only come along between the fist fights, shark attacks and sexual encounters—and only when the author isn’t serving jail time.

Definitely not for the prudish, or faint of heart, Breeze is infuriating and intriguing, heart warming and heart breaking. Whatever you decide, don’t say we didn’t warn you.
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