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  No Man’s Land Boat "Northern Star" for Sale

 ID#: 659   Date posted: May 5, 2022;   Expire date: September 2, 2022;     334 visits
Type: Offered  
Title: No Man’s Land Boat "Northern Star" for Sale  
Advertiser Type: Private Party  
Company: --  
Length: 17 ½ feet long with a beam of just under 6 feet.  
Price: $15,000.00  
Country: Canada  
City: other  
Specific Location: Vancouver, B.C  
Description:  No Man’s Land Boat Northern Star for Sale
The original No Man’s Land boats were built in Cape Cod, and were used on Martha’s Vineyard. In “American Small Sailing Craft”, Howard Chapelle states that they were in use by 1856. This replica was built in 1978 by Greg Foster of Galiano Island, to the offsets found in that book.
Greg Foster is well known for his traditional boats, including the Vancouver Wooden Boat Society’s “Juanita”, a reproduction of the Sutil’s longboat. If you are not aware of his work, look him up on Google. His craftsmanship and adherence to the lines found in American Small Sailing Craft have made Northern Star a classic, as well as a beautiful craft and a fine sailor.
Northern Star is double ended, 17 ½ feet long with a beam of just under 6 feet. She is partially decked with a shapely oval coaming, the deck planking is sprung to follow the gunwale and is varnished. Her rig is that of a cat ketch, with the foremast in the bow and the main just aft of the centre of the boat. She has a centreboard. The hull is clinker built, (lapstrake) painted white with red-brown anti-fouling below the waterline.
Northern Star was commissioned by Colin Ming, who owned her until he passed away in 2019. Colin was very proud on his boat, and took great care of her. He carried out a thorough restoration in 2007 but due to deteriorating health he was unable to make proper use of her after. She has been and is stored under cover.
At the same time as the restoration, she was outfitted with new standing lug sails. Included in the sale are a Seagull Silver Century outboard, also fully restored and re-jetted to use a 24:1 gas/oil mix, and a galvanized Hi Liner trailer.
Attached is an artical writen by Colin Ming during his restoration in 2007, taken from the "WoodenBoat Magazine".
The asking price is $15,000 Canadian. A 2007 survey is available to support this. For more information, contact Anysha Ming at 604 819 7824
Now, this beautiful boat is in need of care. She has not been in water in several years and could use some TLC. The photos posted in the add are of her in her prime and current state.
Check if Included: Outboard; Trailer;  
Contact Name: Anysha Ming  
Contact Phone: 604 819 7824  

Contact e-mail: Privacy Mail
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