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 ID#: 820   Date posted: May 13, 2024;   Expire date: August 11, 2024;     417 visits
Type: Offered  
Title: PORTLAND PUDGY $3000  
Advertiser Type: Private Party  
Company: --  
Length: 7ft 8'  
Price: $3,000.00  
Country: USA  
City: San Diego CA  
Specific Location: Mission Bay Yacht Club  
Description:  PORTLAND PUDGY. CASH, FACE-TO-FACE DEAL. Must sell for health reasons.
Purchased new from Portland Pudgy in May 2023 for $5,433 with performance sail kit, bailng pump, 2 boarding ladders,
bow bumper and bow/stern ore locks.

Added after purchase: Dynamic Fat Tire Dolly, trailer hitch coupler, dolly truck, anchor chain/road & canvas bucket,
Ronstan BattleStick, TillerClutch, 2 full sail battens, tow line with canvas bucket, bailing bucket, Spectra hoist bridle
w/ SS shackles, and additional aluminum Sabot mast.

The Pudgy is a sailboat, a lifeboat and a rowboat. Complete info. at
Boat at Mission Bay Yacht Club, San Diego.
Contact me at or leave a text/voice mail at 619-990-0312

Check if Included: --  
Contact Name: Leland Foerster  
Contact Phone: 619-990-0312  

Contact e-mail: Privacy Mail
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