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  12' Sailboat for sale or trade

 ID#: 662   Date posted: May 22, 2022;   Expire date: September 19, 2022;     269 visits
Type: --  
Title: 12' Sailboat for sale or trade  
Advertiser Type: Private Party  
Company: --  
Length: 12'  
Price: $400.00  
Country: --  
City: other  
Specific Location: Chauncey, Ohio  
Description:  FOR SALE or TRADE: 12’ sloop, 1975 Glastec (notice one “s”), an Ohio company no longer in business. I traded a 16’ Old Town canoe for this boat 15 years ago and have never had it n the water. When I got it it had been seriously “bubba-ed”, in the local parlance. A piece of wood had been jammed up in the mast to raise it, some dog chain extended the shrouds and fore stay, and the boom & sail were from a Hobie 14. I have removed the wood and chains and shortened the boom. The sail wouldn’t work anyway, but it is still available. There are numerous scratches and dings on the hull, and a previous owner patched some spots inside on the floor. No usable sails come with the boat.
The trailer tongue has been extended so the boat sits further forward, as previously there was no weight on the hitch. Trailer lights and wiring have been replaced as have the bunk boards, and I added a screw jack at the front.
Asking $400 or will trade for a canoe.  
Check if Included: Trailer;  
Contact Name: --  
Contact Phone: (740) 591-4774, leave a message  

Contact e-mail: Privacy Mail
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