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  Gig Habor Boat Works -15' Lobster Boat - Kevlar

 ID#: 813   Date posted: March 30, 2024;   Expire date: July 28, 2024;     275 visits
Type: Offered  
Title: Gig Habor Boat Works -15' Lobster Boat - Kevlar  
Advertiser Type: Private Party  
Company: Gig Harbor Boat Works  
Length: 15'  
Price: $7,250.00  
Country: United States  
City: Washington DC  
Specific Location: Eastern Shore - Talbot County - Easton, Maryland  
Description:  2010 Gig Habor Boat Works (GHBW) / 15' Lobster Boat:

During the 1930’s a regulation was passed in Maine stating that lobster pots in certain bays could only be harvested from rowing or sailing boats, but that outboard motors could be used to cross rough water to get to the bays. This regulation led to the development of a boat that would attain planing speed under outboard power, but still retain its abilities as a rowing and sailing work boat. The aggressive dory bow slices through chop and the flat bottom lifts the boat onto a plane when powered by an outboard motor. When the weight of the motor is removed from the transom, the rounded shape slips easily through the water. The modern boater will find this to be a versatile, roomy craft to row single or double, as a family daysailer, or fast workboat.

The 15' Lobster Boat is a midsized family sailboat, which is forgiving, but a powerful sailboat. The flat dory-style bottom allows it to be pulled up on the beach to step ashore with dry feet, and she can be launched with knee boots. The covered bow has room for a picnic basket to sit out of the weather. You can also tuck the oars up out of the way while sailing or motoring.

The 15' Lobster Boat is an excellent fishing boat, as a small motor will get you out to that hot spot fast, yet she rows easily for a slow troll. The wide, flat bottom makes casting a fly or netting that trophy fish easy.
You will be hard pressed to find a more versatile and fun boat that planes with a small motor yet rows and sails so nicely.
Original equipment options and upgrades purchased, which are:

Kevlar Composite Hull, Roller Furling Genoa, Main Sail, Minn Kota #55lb. Elec. Motor, Laminated Wood Sheer, Two Strakes of Blue Gelcoat, White Detail Stripe, Stainless Steel Keel Strip, Guzzler M450-V Flush Mounted Hand Pump, 9' GHBW Spoon Oars, Custom Canvas Cover!

Currently posted on eBay - Item #: 235566083358
ENDS WEDNESDAY MAY 22th, 2024 @ 11:54pm (Eastern)
Check if Included: Trailer;  
Contact Name: Mike  
Contact Phone: 4102005753  

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