Monthly: April 2012

23 Apr


FETCH Across America


As those of you who’ve read the latest issue (#75) know, our friend Kees Prins is doing what most of us have only dreamt of doing, he’s setting off on a cross-country trailersailing voyage. We believe he’s on his way just now, heading south down to the Oregon coast. Look for the first of his series of blog posts here soon.

If you’d like to meet Kees, invite him to sail in company or at a small-boat event, etc. or just suggest a destination, send us an e-mail ( or post your thoughts in the comments at this blog. Kees is also a boat designer and builder of some renown, and we think he might also consider doing some work along the way—so let him know about your projects as well. Bon Voyage Kees! —Eds

Kees by "Fetch" with her new trailer "dock box."


Kees always goes the extra mile. Note the reverse lap match of the trailer box to the hull.

All sealed up.


Inside the land yacht (tow vehicle).