Monthly: June 2013

24 Jun


mini Sails Again!


Our old friend, Dave Chamberlain is at it again, sailing his little 20-footer “mini” where even larger boats fear to tread. From his recent log post:

June 22nd & 23rd passage from Monterey to Morro Bay. One of the hardest two days of my life. Huge seas, gale force winds from Big Sur south. With no sails up and a drog running out the back I was still running 4-5 knots. I had several waves drop on me. Mini was up to the task and God was with us. The winds did not taper off when night fell, but continued to build in strength.
Yikes! However, the moon was incredibly bright and brought some cheer through the night. Made it here to Morro Bay at 6:00 PM in thick fog.
I love sailing.

He has a Facebook page covering his trip here.

Smooth seas from here on out, Dave! —Eds

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