Monthly: September 2014

30 Sep


Best Place to Sail a Small Boat


Here at SCA we’re slowly putting together an article on the best places in North America to sail a small boat, and we’d love to hear what our readers have to say—in fact we need to hear what they say! Where are your favorite cruising grounds? How about sharing that special sailing spot?

Certainly the Florida Keys, San Juan Islands, and North Channel are popular—and we’re happy to have you vote for them—but how about some lesser-known locales? Maybe that little Midwestern lake near you has its own special charm? Perhaps you’ve never found any place more fun than that creek or pond down the road from your house.

While scenery and weather have a lot to do with great sailing venues, there are other considerations as well. Maybe it’s a hidden boat-in campground, a special dockside eatery, or a maritime museum that make a place your personal favorite. Perhaps it’s a yearly boat show or messabout that attracts you, or the welcoming warmth of the locals—whatever it is we want to hear about it.

Your feedback and that of other readers will aid us in our never-ending quest for small-boat paradise. Please consider adding your thoughts to the comments at this blog post or we’d be happy to receive an e-mail with your suggestions. We might even use your quote when we write the eventual article. —Eds

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