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25 Nov


SCAMP Camps for 2015


The coming year offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build your own SCAMP with expert instructor Howard Rice, and designer John Welsford. Experience the camaraderie of a group-build experience and join one of the fastest growing sailing communities in the world.

• Port Townsend, Washington July 20th-31st, 2015
• Baldwin, Michigan September 21st- October 2nd
• Port Aransas, Texas, October 12th- 23rd

In addition to intensive building, SCAMP Camps will feature “chalk talks” on SCAMP handling, design, seamanship and more. And depending on venue, Howard and John will also take builders out sailing on a demo SCAMP.

Cost- $1600
Materials- $800
Deposit to secure a place- $250
Payable to Small Craft Skills Academy, Box 104, Conway, MI 49722

Kits sold separately through Small Craft Advisor
Cost- $2200 ($100 discount for Camp attendees)
Contact 800-979-1930

Enrollment is open and space limited. Call now to reserve your spot.

For additional information contact the Small Craft Skills Academy 231-838-8472 or Small Craft Advisor 800-979-1930.

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19 Nov


Eight Ways Less is More With Adventure Rowing


Getting outside on the ocean, river or lake in an “all water” rowing boat equipped with sliding seat, rowing gear, and lightweight carbon fiber sculling oars can change your life for the better in small ways that are big.

1. Less Boredom—More Adventure!
Less staring at the same four walls on the same rowing machine, doing the same motions, in the same room temperature. With outdoor rowing it’s always changing, views, wind, waves. It’s so much more of an adventure!

2. Less Stress—More Peaceful, Happy Feelings!
Less tense muscles and mind load. Rhythmic breathing produced by rowing greatly reduces mental stress.

3. Fewer Health Issues—More Ease of Movement and Fitness!
Fewer aching joints, weak muscles, less weight gain, depression, etc.

4. Less Stale Air—More Fresh, Crisp, Oxygen-Rich Air!
No odors produced by sweaty gym rats or the recycled indoor air of the gym.

5. Less Pollution—More Clean Air to Breathe! More Nature Sounds!
Less stinky exhaust gasses, less noise, no fossil fuel consumption. Leaves no oily footprint behind.

6. Less Noise—More Sounds of Nature. More Serenity!
No roar from an engine and no yelling over it to be heard. Less disturbed and frightened wildlife. Noise travels a greater distance over water.

7. Less Chronic Pain—More Fun Moving!
Less need for medication for arthritis; less stiffness, faster healing of damaged joints. Rowing is a great way to warm up the joints.

8. Less Impact On Your Body—More Time Feeling Great!
Less need for surgeries due to impact on connective tissues of knees or hips causing joint damage as with jogging, etc. Rowing: a symmetric, balanced loading of 90% of the body’s muscles in a smooth fluid motion.

Rowing is one of the best health and fitness activities in existence. It’s a total body workout that is gentle and effective. An all water rowing/sculling boat is safe and can easily handle wind and waves. Some are even available with sails, which adds yet another dimension to being out on the water all year long.
Written by Marie Hutchinson, co-founder of Whitehall Rowing & Sail

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