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by · November 26, 2008

Contributor Charlie Whipple sent this note:
My obscure favorite is Happy, an 18-ft cruiser by C. A. Nedwidek. The blurb for the plans says:

Many desirable features are compressed within the eighteen feet of this able little craft
With an over-all length of only eighteen feet, this little combination outboard auxiliary cruiser has ample accommodations for two to cruise. Two transom berths, water closet, and room for an ice chest and stove. Used with an outboard engine she will furnish a great deal of pleasure for week-end cruising. She is not fast but is comfortable. Of the straight V bottom type, she should be easy to construct even for one who has not had very much boat building experience, but who knows how to handle woodworking tools. No moulds should be required. The frames themselves can be gotten out and used in the place of moulds. This saves the necessity of laying down the lines full size on the floor. The shape of stern should be laid out full-size, this will help to get out the actual stern and also to line up the rabbet line on it. The interior woodwork is simple, two transom seats, to be used as berths, two lockers in forward, end, platform to take ice chest and stove. Also platform to take water closet.

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  1. George Thompson says:

    An awesome little Cruiser. I would like to build one during my upcoming retirement. Can anybody tell me if one has been built previously and if there are pics?

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