Small Boats in Movies

by · February 12, 2009

One doesn’t see too many movies centered on or around small boats and sailing, but there are a few.

Maybe the best family movies related to small boats are the Swallows and Amazons classics Coot Club and Big Six. Plenty of little boats and adventure. 

The most visually stunning sailing sequences I’ve seen are in Polanski’s Knife in the Water. You can freeze the movie at any time and it will look like a carefully planned still photo.

It’s not totally about sailing, per se, but the new movie Canvas was entertaining and it featured our own friend and subscriber Frank Debesa’s Nimble 20. (See SCA issue #45)

And there’s always the movie Riddle of the Sands based on the marvelous book by Erskine Childers. Problem is I can’t find it on DVD domestically. Still holding on to my VHS even though I’ve ditched the VCR.

 Let us know if you have any favorites.—Eds


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  1. Paul says:

    You asked about favourites – you’ve already mentioned mine. :)

    Just finished re-reading ‘Coot Club’ after about five decades, and noticed the similarities to ‘Riddle’. Loved your description of ‘Knife in the Water’ – spot on.

    We have the German version of ‘Riddle’ as well as the English one, and also an audio cassette. (One of our family members was a big fan.)

    I don’t know ‘Canvas’, but I’ll have to see if I can track it down.

  2. Brad E Hoggatt says:

    Riddle of the Sands is now on Amazon Prime.

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