Vagabond or Holder 17

by · December 15, 2009


We’re preparing to write our review of the out-of-production Vagabond/Holder 17. If you own or have owned one of these boats and would like to participate, send us a e-mail and we’ll reply with one of our owner surveys.—Eds


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  1. Corbin says:

    We’re sailing a Vagabond 17 and are looking to buy a depth finder. Is there a model that is particularly suited for our boat?

  2. mark owens says:

    Just bought a Vagabond 17……need to know where to find a few parts.
    Thank you,
    Mark Owens

  3. Clint Penniman says:

    I own a Holder 17 swing keel and sail it in the Texas Bays off Port Lavaca. It has been a great little boat for the family.

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