Havasu Pocket Cruiser’s (or John Owens’ Adventures)

by · February 12, 2010

John Owens has kindly agreed to keep us posted with live updates from the big pocket cruiser gathering at Lake Havasu. Below is his first report. John runs JO Woodworks. You can see his website here. —Eds

Thursday February 11, 2010
Well this wonderful day for a sailor  Actually started at 5:30 PM on Wednesday when American Airlines sent me an email saying that my 7:55 AM flight out of Tyler had been canceled.  I called them and after much ado found out everything from Tyler had been canceled until at least 1:15 PM.  They told me my 9:55 from Dallas to Phoenix was still on so at 4:45AM on Thursday I headed for Dallas.  About 30 minutes into the drive it started light snow.  IT DOESN’T SNOW IN TEXAS!!!!  The farther I went the heavier it got but 3 hours later I was at DFW airport.  Got checked in with no problem and was told that even with the weather everything was close to on time.  All is well.  NOT!!!!!!!!!  About the time for boarding they came on the loud speaker saying that the flight was canceled.  As it turned out, so were a lot of other flights.  I got scheduled on a 12:20 Central time to Las Vegas arriving in Vegas at 1:20 Pacific time.  Keep up with the time zones.  At boarding time they came over the speaker once again and said our flight attendants were on the ground from another flight and would be right over and we would start boarding.  45 minutes later this happened at 12:20.  Remember that was flight time.  We pulled out of the gate at 12:50 and proceeded to wait in line to get to a de-icing zone.  REMEMBER, IT DOESN’T SNOW IN TEXAS!  At 3:40 central time we finally take off and get to Vegas at 6:14 Pacific time.  Oh, I forgot to mention the car!  I had an Avis car rented in Phoenix.  When I called to move the rental to Vegas I found out that they’re entire fleet in Vegas was already rented out so for the next hour of waiting time I was arranging one with Enterprise.  Well I finally got the car and had a tiring drive in the dark on an unfamiliar highway to Havasu.  Arrived at 9:30 PM Mountain time.  Only 17 hours and 45 minutes after I left the house.  I could have driven it in 18 hours according to Google!

Well the good news is I got to the convention center as the movie was ending and met Sean and of course Captain Howie! Got to meet back up with Dorothy and Eldor Eisen from
Ft. Worth who I met last year on Lake Palestine at an event with the Lake Palestine Yacht Club, and the Geeziers Pocket Cruiser club.  Met several others and got all the stuff spread out.
Sleep was not a problem Thursday night! Now it is Wednesday morning and all is well.
I’M AT LAKE HAVASU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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