Havasu II

by · February 13, 2010

Friday February 12, 2010
Well, as expected, today was a lot better than yesterday.  We woke to a beautiful clear sky, temperature probably in the high 40s.  Before the day was over I would guess the temperature got up close to 70 if not even higher.

Everyone met at the convention center and the resort provided breakfast burritos.  At 8 AM Sean got up and started making his official welcomes.  Vice Mayor Don Callahan welcomed everyone saying how enthusiastic the city was and thanked us all for being here.  Greg Tryon with the Lake Havasu Hospitality Association got up and spoke for a few minutes about their goals to support our group in anyway possible.  He pointed out the list of supporting businesses that would provide discounts on meals to any of our group showing their badge.  So far the only place I have eaten or had drinks at on the list is the Martini Grill here at the resort and I can assure you they when they say discounts they really mean it!  He also mentioned that they were working on the possibility of portable docks for next year so more sailors at the event could dock their boats here at the resort.  Jennifer Johnson from the London Bridge Resort also welcomed us and I will point out that this lady really went over the top  making things work out nice for us. Sgt. Burns with the police department also got up and welcomed us.

Sean then recognized the sponsors for the events and pointed out the ones that were hear.
One of the guys then pointed out that Sean had failed to mention the most important person here—Sean Mulligan.  Without him this would not be possible.  With that, the group stood and gave him a huge well-deserved standing ovation.

A little before 10 we all took off for the circumnavigation of the island.  I was able to sail with Gray Hyde and Larry Yake on Sean’s Monty 23 Dauntless.  Really nice boat.  There wasn’t much wind but we all had an enjoyable “controlled drift”.  It was pretty amazing seeing this many pocket cruisers  in the same place and, get this, there were no wrecks!!!  After a little while we motored to ahead towards the SW part of the island and caught some decent wind.  It wasn’t heavy or as much as we would have liked, but we enjoyed about an hour of good sailing before motoring on around the island and under the bridge back to the docks.  Most everyone was back by 12:30 for the boat show.  A lot of people from town came down and spent a lot of time looking at the boats and the captains were thrilled to tell them anything they wanted to know about their boat.  I was able to spend a lot of time meeting everyone since I didn’t get the opportunity last night due to my late arrival.

At 5 PM today there were still more sailors arriving.  Don’t know exactly how many are here now.

After dinner about 7 PM Sean once again welcomed everyone and introduce Stan Sussman from Interlux/ Awlgrip Paint who gave a very good talk about their products both old and new discussing their uses and application methods.  He then spent quite a few minutes answering a lot of questions from people.  I think the crowd really enjoyed it a learned a lot.  I spent a long time later with Stan discussing a few of the items in great detail as to how they would best work on my products that I make.

After Stan, Jerry Montgomery got up and with a nice slide show went over the details and ideas of the new 16 he is currently designing.  It was very interesting seeing how the actual work of building the mold for the hull was done.  There were a lot of questions which he gladly answered.

Following Jerry, Larry Yake got up and gave rather interesting gag gift awards for countless accomplishments such as farthest distance someone pulled their boat, shortest boat, most sailboats owned and still married, and the list went on and on. 

Finally Sean had the long awaited Ugly Hawaiian Shirt Contest and boy am I glad I wasn’t the judge because there we a lot of really really really ugly shirts.  I won’t even start to talk about the wig and headgear that Sean put on.

Everyone then visited for awhile and slowly went back to their rooms for a well deserved rest.
I think tomorrow will be even better and has more wind forecast as the day progresses.


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