Havasu III

by · February 14, 2010

February 13, 2010
Woke up to another beautiful day, probably in the high 40s.  It’s supposed to get to 72 today with winds building to around 15 by mid afternoon.

Sean had the captains meeting at 9 this morning so everyone could sleep in. Today is the poker run.  We all took off around 10:45 with basically no wind.  We motored south clicking pictures of several on the noted landmarks on the sail plan.  Most of the group motored or motorsailed south about 4 miles to Havasu Palms, the location of the most valuable item on our list.  A brief stop at the marina there to stretch our legs and answer nature’s call and we were off again headed back North.  While we were stop the wind picked up to probably 4 or 5 knots.  Not a lot but way better than nothing.  It was coming from a northerly direction so upwind we went.  The angle of the wind was such that we could make some pretty long tacks considering how narrow the lake is in this area.  The farther north we went the heavier the wind got.  I was sailing with Larry and Gary again today on Sean’s Monty 23.  I really enjoy this boat!  By the time we were about 2/3  of the way back I would guess the wind was up to about 15 so we took in one reef on the main.  It wasn’t long before we decided to change headsails from the 150 down to the blade.  This helped a lot and greatly reduced the amount of weather helm.  As we passed a lot of the boats that were just heading south we got to see the beautiful view on many very many colorful spinnakers.

As we headed into the channel more and more power boats came into play.  There were a lot of them pulled to the bank on the beach but a lot in the water too.  As we got closer to the docks at the resort it got to be quite a traffic jam with many of the power boats not understanding the restricted maneuverability of sailboats, but as far as I know there were no wrecks, so all is well.

At about 4 Harry Pattison from Elliot Pattison sailmakers gave a very interesting sail seminar that lasted about 2 hours. 

At 7:30 we all joined again in the convention center for the grudge match between North and South.  This was a game of nautical jeopardy hosted by Neil Dorf.  Four people from each side played and much to my dismay the South lost.  Oh well, there’s always next year.
Looking forward to another great day of sailing tomorrow.


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