Agreement Between The Republic Of Indonesia And Australia On The Framework For Security Cooperation

by · December 1, 2020

The extent of the cooperation of this agreement is as follows: Defence cooperationIn recognition of the long-term mutual benefits of the closest professional cooperation between their armed forces1. regular consultations on defence and security issues of common interest; Defence policy2. Promote the strengthening and capacity building of defence institutions and armed forces on both sides, including military training, exercises, study visits and exchanges, the use of scientific methods to support capacity building, and capacity management and other mutually beneficial activities3; Facilitate cooperation in the area of mutually beneficial defence technologies and capabilities, including planning, development, production, commercialization and technology transfer, as well as the development of mutually agreed joint projects. Law-enforcement cooperationIn recognition of the importance of effective cooperation in the fight against transnational crime, which has an impact on the security of both parties4. Regular consultations and dialogues to strengthen relations between institutions and officials at all levels; 5. cooperation in building the capacity of law enforcement agencies to prevent, respond and investigate transnational crime6; Strengthen and strengthen police cooperation through cooperative and coordination actions7; cooperation between relevant institutions and bodies, including law enforcement agencies, to prevent and combat cross-border offences, particularly offences related to human trafficking and human trafficking; B. Money laundering; c. The financing of terrorism; d. corruption; e. illegal fishing; Cybercrime; G. Illicit trafficking of narcotics and psychotropic substances and their precursors; H. trafficking and illicit manufacture of weapons, ammunition, explosives and other hazardous substances; And so am I. other types of offences, when they are deemed necessary by both parties.

Counter-terrorism Cooperation In the context of communication, cooperation and action at all levels, it is recognized that close and ongoing cooperation is important to combat and eliminate international terrorism at all levels, 8. To do everything possible individually and collectively to eradicate international terrorism and extremism, as well as their roots and causes, and to bring to justice those who support or commit violent crimes, in accordance with international law and their respective laws;9. Continue to strengthen cooperation in the fight against international terrorism, including through swift, practical and effective measures against terrorist threats and attacks; The exchange of information and information support for road safety, immigration and border controls; Strengthen capacity-building cooperation within authorities, defence, intelligence services and national security to respond to terrorist threats11. cooperation, if it wishes and where possible, to facilitate more effective and rapid responses in the event of a terrorist attack.

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