Far North Queensland Designated Area Migration Agreements

by · December 8, 2020

A Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA) is a kind of labour agreement. Employment contracts are employment agreements that allow licensed employers to attract skilled and skilled foreign workers to positions they cannot fill with local labour and in response to market shortages. These agreements are negotiated between the department and employers or industry associations. Other types of employment contracts are also: company-specific employment contracts, project agreements, the Global Talent Scheme (GST) and industrial employment contracts. In addition to access to a wider range of skilled and trained occupations, which are not available in highly skilled migration routes, the DAMA QFQ is unique in that it also provides access to three occupations that are not included in the Standard Occupational Classification (ANZSCO) in Australia and New Zealand. Under DAMA, an employer may sponsor a qualified or semi-skilled foreign worker in a given territory. Seven DAMASCEs are in service across the country and target areas such as the Northern Territory, The Goldfields in Western Australia, the Great South Coast in Victoria, Adelaide City and the South Australian Regional and Orana in New South Wales. The signing of a new skilled migration agreement between the Commonwealth Government and the Cairns Chamber of Commerce will significantly strengthen Far North Queensland`s economy. DAMA`s employment contracts exist between the Australian government and employers in the region concerned. They: There are strict political guidelines, both with the Ministry of the Interior and with the corresponding DAMA agreements. These include the assessment of preventive detention: we provide the following information to better understand the migration trajectories that will be made available to participating companies and visa applicants under the FNQ DAMA agreement.

The DAMA FNQ, Queensland, also known as the far North North Queensland Designated Migration Agreement, is an agreement between the Cairns Chamber of Commerce and the Commonwealth Government. Far North Queensland includes regions such as Cairns, Tablelands, Cassovary Coast, Douglas Shire and Mareeba. Under the agreement, employers in far North Queensland areas will be able to sponsor skilled overseas workers for names and positions that local workers cannot fill. “Our first priority is always to work with Australians, but the immigration system can play an important role in filling regional skills gaps,” Coleman said. Once a DAMA is in place, local businesses can seek approval and enter into individual employment contracts under the respective DAMA conditions.

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