Sven Yrvind—Helmsman of the Year

by · May 13, 2013

Readers may recall that last year, to acknowledge people who have made extraordinary contributions to the small-boat community and sailing, we launched the Small Craft Advisor Helmsman Award and presented the first annual plaque to sailor and event-organizer par excellence, Sean Mulligan.

This year we honor a man who’s “been out there doing it,” and repeatedly validating the concept of less-is-more cruising—Sven Yrvind. Sven has made numerous ocean crossings on boats of less than twenty feet—boats he designed and built himself. At 74 years of age Sven is still looking forward to more challenges; currently he is building a 10-foot boat, again of his own design, with the express purpose of circumnavigating the globe—non-stop. We repeat: nonstop!

Congratulations and the 2013 SCA Helmsman Award go to the very embodiment of sailing self-reliance—Sven Yrvind.

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  1. Michael Walsh says:

    Although interesting and exciting and a little suicidal, circumnavigating the earth, non-stop, in a ten foot boat does not sound like a FUN project to me!

    • Robert says:

      Sven is a gift to the sailing community because he keeps sailing the talk instead of just kicking planks at the marina, Sven has made it a lifelong practice to prove the naysayers wrong. At an age when most are sitting around the house watching TV he is actively engaging the harshest goals one can imagine in a sailboat. I will be cheering him on for every hard fought sea mile when he finally gets underway. When I think I need another foot or so in the next boatbuilding project I need to remember that in the reality of sailing less is usually more and that taking your boat home with you at the end of any voyage is the sweetest thing.

      Go Sven!

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