Southern Cross Update #7: Against All Odds

by · March 6, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 9.10.04 AMReceived a couple of slightly cryptic texts from Howard’s inReach two-way satellite communicator. They seem to suggest Howard has recovered Southern Cross and is trying to move quickly along to avoid incoming weather. More as we hear from him. Here are the messages:

“SC rescued epic to all who helped i am grateful at georgiana 150Miles to go to pt williams weather. coming race to safety”

“SC on board racing for safety against all odds sc survived against all odds we rescued joy gratitude to sailing friends.”

See track or map here:

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  1. Bob Throne says:

    Great to hear of the recovery of your health and Southern Cross .. following your return – every best !

  2. Wade Tarzia says:

    He has the luck of a guy who makes his own luck :-)

  3. mike Leech says:


  4. Tim says:

    Well done sir!

  5. John Sutherland says:

    Proper preparation of Southern Cross facilitated survival. Brave move to sail on knowing what mother nature can throw at him.

  6. Mike says:

    On the way again! We are all so Pleased! Looking forward to hearing all about the recovery.

  7. Bob Triggs says:

    My impression from this is that he has Southern Cross on board the rescue vessel, and they’re trying to outrun a storm.

  8. Larry Williams says:

    I’m thinking Bob’s impression is correct…either way, what a story! Epic adventure all the way, and thank goodness both Howard and his salty little boat are ok!

  9. John McInnis says:

    The Garmin tracker sure helps clarify the situation. It appears they’ve holed up in a protected cove off the Beagle Channel not far from the Argentine border. Last waypoint stopped at about 2045 CST.

  10. Andrew Yen says:

    From the Garmin tracker I conclude that after he was rescued, Howard got back to Punta Arenas where he has jumped aboard a fishing vessel on the afternoon of 4th of March (possibly called the “strait of magellan”). This vessel has picked up southern cross on the evening of 5th of March. They arrived at Puerto Williams in the evening of 7th of March and Howard (or at least his tracker) is on shore. It will be exciting to fill in the gaps in the story!

  11. Kirk says:


    Looks like you, and perhaps got safely back to Puerto Williams on 3/7. In either case, congratulations and hope you are healthy and OK now. Anxious to hear whether you are safe and unharmed and whether SC survived and is tucked away ashore in Puerto Williams.

    Kirk Gresham

  12. howard rice says:

    Hello All
    I have just arrived back in the US and my boat is crated and awaiting shipment from Punta Arenas. Today is my first day back. I am just about to begin the process of turning over the film footage I shot. Last night Dave Nichols (Director) looked at some of the footage from the boat rescue and I have to say he was really impressed.

    Looking at the few clips I shared with him made me feel tired. So today I rest and then continue on. I am looking forward to expressing personal thanks to all those who helped make the boat rescue possible. I plan to contact Small Craft Advisor to post an update to this blog with photos.
    Best to all,

  13. david maunder says:

    I am preparing to build a scamp in the UK but would like to fit the rig as the Southern Cross. Do any of you guys know if the plans for this rig is available?

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