Micro Candle Lantern

Weight 0.25 lbs
Enjoy the glow and warmth of candlelight on your small boat. More reliable than battery powered devices, these Micro Lanterns are feather-light and powered by a simple tea light candle. We've used them on small boats for years. A Candle Lantern produces warmth while reducing condensation—try that with a headlamp! Always ventilate adequately and keep the burning candle within sight.

Lantern collapses down to 2.5". (3.9 oz)
Constructed of lightweight, durable aluminum.
Burns all varieties of tealight candles.
Glass chimney, carrying handle, hanging hook, and twist-lock base.
Additional tealight candle stored inside base.
2 candles, each with 4-5 hour burn time

Available in Red, Orange, Green or Blue.
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