A Class of Their Own: Celebrating the O'Day Mariner by Nate Bayreuther

From the book: "In 2007, I purchased my 1970 O'Day Mariner, #1922 Orion, and within a year, I began a website - http://www.mariner1922.com - detailing the various projects I had tackled refurbishing and upgrading the boat. I began posting a photograph I particularly liked every week with a caption, sometimes written by myself and other times written by the photographer. Camera technology has advanced to the point where even the most amateur camera hobbyist is able to take a remarkable digital image. Professional photographers, of course, know exactly what to look for, and their results are truly stunning. A number of pictures in this album are from the lenses of Steve Hock, Alan Hlavenka and Stuart Watson, all professional photographers and past Mariner owners, and I am especially indebted to them for their permission to use many of their fine images." It's an 8" X 10", 122-page book packed with over 180 photos with captions. Published by Whaler Books. SIGNED BY AUTHOR