RowCruiser (Angus Rowboats' Cruising Rowboat) Kit


CRUISE AT YOUR OWN PACE! There’s an exciting new class of high-performance rowing boat from the drawing board of small-craft adventurer Colin Angus: The RowCruiser. This revolutionary 19-foot adventure craft will take you anywhere and everywhere in style, quickly and with comfortable sleep-aboard accommodations. Now, there is no need to drag your boat up a rocky beach, find a tolerable spot for your tent, fight mosquitos or run from bears: Just anchor your RowCruiser in a quiet cove and settle down for a restful sleep aboard your own rowing boat.

Overall Length 18’-8-1/2” Overall Beam 46” Weight 148 lbs. Volume 147.6 c.f.

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$1999.00 Price does not include tax or shipping.

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RowCruiser kit includes all plywood components (planks, bottom, bulkheads, cabin, decks, etc.). Epoxy, sandpaper, limited hardwood, fasteners, oars and sliding seat to be purchased separately. Kits use precision puzzle joints instead of labor-intensive scarfs. Kit price includes a builders manual (PDF).

A Sailing Rowcruiser add-on kit is available for $499. This kit includes the CNC plywood ama panels as well as several other sail rig support pieces. This kit also includes a set of Sailing Rowcruiser plans with one full-size sheet for tracing foils and other parts, and a detailed  Sailing Rowcruiser buidling manual. While this kit provides you with many of the parts and all of the informaiton you'll need to make your Rowcruiser a sailing trimaran, it does not include akas (crossbeams), foils, or several other parts the builder will need to build from plans and manual.