Third Helmsman of the Year Named

by · August 1, 2014

MAGNOLIA BEACH, TX—There are a number of ways one can win the annual SCA Helmsman of the Year award. Essentially all of them involve establishing oneself as a hero of the small-boat community, either through acts of extraordinary audacity at the actual helm of a small boat, or selfless acts of thoughtfulness and generosity at a virtual helm somewhere in the small-boat world.

This year we honor a man who’s done as much as anyone to support small-boat sailing and building—both through his business and in tireless personal efforts—Chuck Leinweber.

Using his popular online blog and chandlery, Duckworks, as a platform, Chuck has sponsored or otherwise supported numerous small-boat events. In 2007 he personally founded the Texas 200, a popular group sailing event that continues to generate excitement and bring new people into sailing, and this year he’s helping launch the first ever Ply-Wooden Boat Festival in Port Aransas, Texas. But Chuck’s contributions are often less heralded and more personal, as with the many times we’ve seen him quietly setup and even contribute to impromptu online fund-raising efforts for sailors in distress.

In recognition of his exceptional contributions to the small-boat and sailing world, congratulations and the 2014 SCA Helmsman Award go to Chuck Leinweber—a genuine “nice guy” and a true friend and benefactor to our community. •SCA•

Chuck Leinweber at the helm.

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  1. Sean says:

    Congratulations Chuck!!! :-) You TOTALLY deserve the award!! :-)

  2. Chuck Pierce says:

    Chuck the Duck would deserve this merely for inventing the Pump-Up Shower. :) But he has also introduced thousands to the boats of Michalak, Welsford, Storer, and many other designers, and I have to say that the Great Duck Migration could not have happened without his many contributions both in recruiting and outfitting the loaner boats.

    Congrats Chuck. We are proud of you, sir!

    The other Chuck

  3. Andy linn says:

    Chuck is a gorram hero, a true ‘good guy.’ I buy all our fiddy bits from Duckworks Boat Builder Supply.

  4. Monies says:

    No one I know deserves this more than Chuck Leinweber. I could not begin to list the many generosities I know of personally and I am sure there are hundreds more I do NOT know. Thank you Chuck for all you have done for the world of small boating and the inspiration you provide. We love you.

    Jackie and Mike Monies- Sail Oklahoma

  5. Tom Hamernik says:

    Congratulations, Chuck, and thank you for your service to the boat building community.

  6. Gary Blankenship says:

    Yes! Great choice. Chuck has done so much for the small boat community, in ways big and small. Including hauling my butt to two Everglades Challenge finishes. Congratulations Chuck the Duck!!!


  7. Well deserved. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Admiral Sandra deserves an award too!

  8. Ralf Grünig says:

    Congratulation Chuck! very good choise

    best regards from Munich

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