Team Angus Rowboat Update 2—#R2AK

by · June 28, 2016


Colin reports that although his hands were a bit sore last night, yesterday went pretty well.

He did have one exciting period—frustrated with so much rowing he decided to try to short-tack against the full ebb in a narrow channel and his RowCruiser was forced onto some rocks. Fortunately the only damage was a gouge in the centerboard.

Giving up on that approach he drifted back and attempted to set his anchor in the deep race running between the rocky islets on either side. After holding initially, the anchor dragged and in the melee he had to go overboard to retrieve an escaped oar.

Having put in a very long day he decided to wait the tide out and get some rest. It appears he anchored in the lee of Vance Island, just east of Gabriola.

Colin led the small-boat fleet yesterday and from the tracker it appears he’s off to another strong start this morning, moving northwest at 4-5 knots and about 10 miles in front of teams Vantucky and Bunny Whaler.

More later….

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