Team Angus Rowboats Update 4—#R2AK

by · June 30, 2016


Colin leaving Victoria Harbor photo by Debra Colvin

Yesterday evening Colin reported the day was spent in sloppy seas and light contrary winds or current. Conditions he says were, “Not good for sailing and not good for rowing.” These conditions combined with hot temps had him drinking through his water supply. Forced to begin rationing, he decided to stop at Campbell River to take on another 6 gallons. Nonetheless his progress has been impressive. Now through treacherous Seymour Narrows, he appears to be anchored just north in tiny Kanish Bay waiting for favorable current. He continues to maintain a lead of 25 miles or so over the nearest competitor in the small-boat fleet.

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  1. Michelle says:

    So impressive!! Keep up the good work- you’ve GOT this!

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