Southern Cross Update #3

by · February 10, 2017

Just had a series of broken up sat phone calls from Howard. He had just finished a hot meal under his cockpit tent and is, apparently, anchored in the Isla Jane group. Howard said he ended up rowing some 7 hours straight the previous night as the wind quit entirely and he was in the middle of the Straits of Magellan. After hours of rowing a light breeze came up astern and he decided to raise sail, only to be struck by a williwaw that heeled the boat so far he shipped some water. After that he doused sail and went back to rowing, having to pick his way carefully in the dark. He said the trip has been a real test so far, including a wild ride in 25 knot winds.

We both talked about how amazing it was that a SCAMP has now sailed the Strait of Magellan—who would have thought?
Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 4.52.47 PM
Tomorrow he plans to take what the weather will give him. —Josh

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  1. Kirk says:


    Congratulations for making it safely up into some protection in the island group you had hoped for. I’m sure you were sweating bullets finally poking ’round the southeast corner you knew would be the challenge. (although, I bet you try to avoid, breaking a sweat down there, because as soon as you stop it’ll turn to ice!

    Anyway, cheers to you, from all your small boat buddies here in PT. We hope you are able to enjoy yourself a bit more now in the protection of so many islands. Wondering if you can beach for the night around there or whether much of the shoreline is precipitous rocky cliffs with deep water very nearby, making anchoring tricky too? Perhaps multiple lines to rocks or trees on shore?

    Also, how much is it raining or snowing? Can you fish? Best wishes from all of us. we’re excited to see any more pics whenever that’s possible.


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