Southern Cross Update #8 “Safe and Sound in Puerto Williams”

by · March 9, 2017

Received one short call from Howard and he reported he had successfully recovered “Southern Cross.” The boat was found afloat on her side in excellent condition. As we spoke she was on the deck of the old wooden fishing boat that had carried her back to the safety of Puerto Williams. Apparently the recovery mission was an adventure as well, as Howard and crew had to race both an arriving storm and a possible rival salvage boat. And then of course there was trying to recover the boat itself in the treacherous location, with Howard having to go back into the water to manage recovery.

More later…

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  1. John McInnis says:

    Amazingly good news. It’ll no doubt be a whale of a tale.

  2. Christine Berven says:

    Wow! So glad SC and Howard are safe. Crazy to think that they had to race another salvage crew.

    Be Safe Howard!

  3. Mike says:

    Good to hear it is working out.

  4. Sean Mulligan says:

    Holy Smokes! The plot thickens… South American Scamp Scavengers!? Who’d a thunk!!!?? So glad Howard and SC are safe and sound… impatiently waiting for more !!! Thanks for the continued updates!!!



  5. Michael Galvin says:

    Great news. I think Howard should rename his boat “Sign of the Southern Cross.”

  6. Rich Harman says:

    Glad to hear the good news! When can I preorder the book?

  7. David J says:

    Glad to know that Howard is surviving. Hope his cameras are as well.

  8. Richard says:

    I hope he can get squared away and get another good sail in before it is time to pack up and come home.
    Not likely to get back there any time soon.

  9. Gary Young says:

    Glad to hear Southern Cross was recovered and they are both ok. What next is the big question? Full on experience that Howard has been through and no one would blame him for ending it here, safety has always been a high priority! But I do hope he continues!
    Good luck Howard and Southern Cross!

  10. John McInnis says:

    From where he is, I’d think he would have quite a number of logistical issues to work through whether or not he’s able to make another go at it. Sounds like the boat came through like a champ. But, there are so many other considerations to determine if he could continue safely (a relative term in those conditions).

  11. Howard Rice says:

    Hello Friends
    The circle is nearly closed. SC and I arrived at 1am in Punta Arenas aboard the Yaghan (cargo/ferry) a ship that calls weekly on Pt Williams. Now its boat moving and getting her in the crate for shipment. I am not in good enough physical shape to continue sailing, my time from work is about up and I had to cut anchors during the boat rescue. In addition a few items aboard were claimed by the sea, nothing much of consequence but…….it’s time to call this the adventure of my life time bar none and I have had some serious adventures.

    I look back and look forward and think of how fantastic this experience was with the exception of a few days. The ship trip back to Puta Arenas was blessed with rare good weather and I was able to film many of the places I sailed or was holed up as an addition to the footage I have. Two of SC’s cameras were destroyed but the film folks say the SD cards may be recoverable.

    I want to Thank you everyone here for your help and good wishes. Thank you all.

    I have been processing my experiences and they are starting to look amazing, difficult, magical, scary, poignant, touching, deadly, impossible, hard to fathom and fantastic.

    Southern Cross was built with great care and at least in my mind she is a legend, I cannot believe she survived the Trombas or the week on her side being pounded by the Roaring Forties in that lonely treacherous bay on Georgiana. It is nothing short of miraculous, impossible and amazing. I am so glad I built her with care and prepared her well and I am so glad I never gave up on her against all odds.

    Here in Chile my story is big news as it appeared on Mage/CNN and newspapers due to my time in the water and survival on land and now because of the boat rescue. I am at the Hotel Cabo de Hornos to send this and thought I could slip in, not so, greeted at the door and front desk as the survivor/hero. ON the ship the same, last night as I checked into a hotel, same. Time to pack her up and go quietly back to the din of the busy world where I will be forgotten, I need a rest.

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